Throwback Thursday: AVP+G-style | Fayetteville, NC Family Photojournalist Photographer

My Special TeapotThis little teapot has belonged to me since before I can remember. However, it “lived” at my grandparents’ farm home, (and after retirement, at their city home) until my Gramma’s passing, my senior year in high school. It is, without a doubt, my most precious material possession on the planet earth. It is love. I know, it looks like a teapot, but what I see, when I look at it, is love. The truth? That teapot has never held tea a day in its life. What it did hold, every morning I had breakfast at my grandparents’, was hot cocoa. Without fail, every morning. Why hot cocoa? I wanted to do everything the way my Peepaw did. He had two fried eggs, bacon and toast…so did I. He had coffee, and well, I had my child equivalent of hot cocoa. The season never mattered. Mid-summer, my Peepaw had hot coffee with breakfast. So, I had my hot cocoa. My Gramma also made sure they had plenty of strawberry jam, and she always cut my toast and jam into “jelly fingers”. Love.

My Peepaw worked at Frankfort Lumber Company his entire adult life, sans his time in the Korean War and World War II.  He was a man’s man, a pretty serious fellow.  Due to a lumber mill accident as a young man, he had lost several fingers. Some completely, and some were nubs. The separating thumb/finger trick, yeah, he had that one nailed….like a BOSS. He’d also pretend to pick his nose with his nub just to get a giggle out of me. Love.

Both my Gramma and Peepaw were very devoted Christians.  I can never remember either of them ever losing their temper, and only once in my life did I ever hear a curse word pass his lips. We were out in the car one day, and someone cut in front of him, making him slam on the brakes. This was long before mandatory seatbelt laws, mind you.  So, guess who flew from her co-pilot spot, crouched in between the two seats with an elbow on each seatback? Yeah, this girl. My head hit the dashboard, I heard my Peepaw utter “d*mmit” and my Dad and I both just froze in shock. I was fine, of course(they built kids pretty tough back then), but I also sat back in my seat from then on out. While it was not aimed at me whatsoever, I didn’t want any part of causing my Peepaw to curse again. LOL!  Just one more thing he did because of…love.

All of those memories, all of that love comes flooding back….from a tiny little teapot. Tonight, I decided to photograph it. So, should it inevitably meet some accidental demise, the photo of it and the memories will still remain long after. There is a quote that keeps popping into my mind lately.  “A man cannot step twice into the same stream, for it’s not the same stream and he’s not the same man.” (Heraclitus)  Unfortunately, memories fade, times change and people pass.  Our photos though, allow us to have moments where we can peer back into the streams of the past.  My throwback Thursday revelation? I freeze time. What’s your superpower? ~giggle~

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