Independence Day 2015: Happy 239th Birthday, America! | Fayetteville, NC Family Portrait & Storytelling Photographer

In the grand scheme of the globe, we are still considered to be a young nation.  We are a vast melting pot of various cultures, religions and ethnicities.  Like young family members, we debate and disagree amongst ourselves on a daily basis, yet one thing holds true.  Like any sibling that argues with another, should a third party come in and threaten our great nation and we become one….Americans.  That is one of the many beautiful things about this nation.

Many internal, national events of this past year seemed to have threatened our siblinghood.  There are many debates being waged.  The definition of marriage, the value of a flag, the depth of one young man’s hate…the list goes on.  Today though, we need to remember that we still share a common core, we are Americans.  That label knows no color, no gender.  That is one label we share, the common bond to holds us together.  No family is perfect, our national family is no exception.  However, today is the day we celebrate that which makes us all one, the birthday of our nation.

Independence Day 2015

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