Autism Awareness | Life With a Superhero

During my son’s 18 month check-up, I was given the M-CHAT checklist to complete.  At the time, I had no clue about the journey we would soon embark on.  Since that time, and his ASD diagnosis a little over six months later, I’ve done countless hours of research, we’ve logged more hours of therapy than I could begin to describe.  We’ve had meltdowns, we’ve had victories.  We’ve had a boatload of love coupled with a heaping helping of patience.  Patience as a parent wading through endless streams of insurance red tape, schedule juggling, more research and patience from a child as their parent learned how they encounter and process their world.  I hope to pass along some of what I’ve learned along the way. If nothing else, I want to show other parents out there, raising their own superheroes, they are not alone.

A Call for Help | Autism-Based Elopement Awareness

This image is of my son, Christian, during an elopement attempt.  Last Spring, just after turningView full post »

The Ebb & Flow and Why I Do Not Hate Autism Speaks | Autism Awareness | Fayetteville, NC Storytelling Photographer

I love my little guy. Let me repeat that, just so I am perfectly clear. I LOVE my little superhero.  I love his sweet,View full post »

A Boy & His Tree Time | Fayetteville, NC Family Storytelling Photographer

This Little Guy… Never ceases to amaze me.  Is getting taller by the second.  Has learned to hug his littleView full post »

Elopement: There is Nothing Romantic About It! | Autism Awareness

Elopement, also known as wandering or bolting, is defined as slipping away or escaping.  For parents of children withView full post »

At-A-Girl… Sometimes We Need Them | Autism Awareness

So I was at Social Security on Thursday with the littles. I had some paperwork to submit and I, like a dodo, haveView full post »

The Waiting Game | Autism Awareness

We are so lucky.  We are so very infinitely lucky.  My little spidermonkey’s pediatrician asked the rightView full post »

Just Hold Me Mommy | Autism Awareness

Today was a rough one.  There were meltdowns galore, and he was in a love/hate relationship with Mommy all day long. View full post »

To Tell or Not To Tell… | Autism Awareness

Telling people about my son having autism is a personal, sensitive matter, but should it be?  That is theView full post »

And Then It Happened… | Autism Awareness

Photo by Ebony Forte Johnson It was the mother of all meltdowns.  He wasn’t tired, he wasn’t hungry.  IView full post »

The Little Toddler Who Could | Autism Awareness

 There is a fine line between understanding limitations and letting them become expectations.  I am guilty of this.  IView full post »

1-2-3-GO!!! The Importance of Transitioning | Autism Awareness

Change can be confusing and sometimes even frightening for some children on the spectrum.  I know with my son, he canView full post »

Allow Me to Introduce you! | Autism Awareness

This is our Amazing Spidermonkey. He is ours, unlike any other. As you cannot compare two children, this is even moreView full post »


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